Window shutters


Attention to detail, aesthetic research, excellence in the profiles used and in the applied hardware, use of top-level production systems.


The production is carried out exclusively in our production departments, thanks to a highly qualified technical staff, and to the use of internally extruded PVC profiles, guaranteeing a high quality profile with high performance, completely free of radioactivity and metal components.


The hardware used is specific for PVC and is produced in Italy by certified companies. The finishing films are supplied by leading European companies.


The experience gained in over 50 years allows us to give our customers advice and technical assistance in taking measurements and installing the product.


The window shutters constitute a typical stylistic element of architecture with the function of protection from any external intrusions.

To maintain this safety feature, steel uprights are housed in the internal chambers of the profiles that make up the shutter.

The shutters, integrate perfectly both in the structures
pre-existing houses than in modern ones.

The decision to purchase PVC shutters is dictated by several factors: energy containment, no maintenance and durability.

You can choose for your shutters the color that perfectly matches your style! various pastel colors or refined XILON finishes are available.

Standard accessories for shutters

  • Beaded end caps.
  • Hardware in steel painted with black polyester powders.
  • Adjustable wall hinges with locking screws.
  • Espagnolette closure on Scuretto alla Padovana and Battente.
  • Cremone bolt closure on Scuretto alla Vicentina.
  • Crescent stops with stop pin.
  • Additional handle on the door.
  • Epoxy powder coated ventilated straps.
  • Bead cores in screwed 10/10 galvanized steel tube.
  • Standard white color – Band 01.
  • Shoulders for Scuretto alla Padovana from 6.5 – 9.5 / 14.17 / 21.5 – 24.5 cm.


The hardware used has a specific anti-rust treatment to protect against corrosion, oxidation and exposure to UV rays, a three-layer treatment.

Zinc salt phosphating + cataphoresis + powder coating.

Salt spray

Resistance of over 2000 hours in salt spray without surface damage from red rust according to the UNI EN ISO 9227 standard.


Resistance of over 1500 hours in the environment constant humidostatic according to regulations UNI EN ISO 6270-2.

Resistance to ageing

Resistance of over 1000 hours of exposure in an artificial environment, there is a reduction in color brilliance of less than 50% compared to the initial value, evaluation method according to the UNI EN ISO 2813 standard. Florida test 12 months exposure in a natural environment standard UNI EN ISO 2810 there is a reduction in color brightness of less than 50% compared to the initial value.


Our customers will be able to choose from all the RAL color variants and wood finishing films available, our technicians will be able to give you careful technical support to meet your needs.

In addition to the refinement of the shapes, our shutters combine extreme functionality. Moreover, they let your wallet breathe because they allow savings in maintenance. For your shutters you have a wide range of colors available, in addition to those illustrated here. With the certainty that any product you choose will be made with the utmost care!

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