Insulating glass

Insulating glass Saint Gobain

Sticla Saint Gobain PLANISTAR SUN – obține cea mai bună lumină și confort pe tot parcursul anului.

În climat cald sau pentru ferestre orientate spre sud și vest, Saint Gobain PLANISTAR SUN este soluția optimă pentru obținerea unui randament ridicat prin reducerea supraîncălzirii vara, garantând o izolare termică accentuată pe timpul iernii și oferind o aportă generoasă de lumină naturală în fiecare anotimp.

Termoizolație – PLANISTAR SUN este o sticlă cu emisivitate scăzută, permițând astfel realizarea unei mai mari izolații termice în termopan: Ug=1,0W/(m2*K)

Control solar – PLANISTAR SUN permite instalarea de ferestre mari, limitand supraincalzirea spatiului interior datorita factorului solar scazut (g = 0,38), 62% din energia solara fiind blocata in exterior.

Visual comfort. The limitation of the passage of solar energy allows the reduced use of external or internal shading systems. Meanwhile, the high light transmission (TL = 72%) and the selectivity optimized almost to 1.9 promotes PLANISTAR SUN in the category of high performance products.

Energy saving – optimizing energy consumption throughout the year, reducing costs for cooling, heating and lighting

Saint Gobain PLANILUX glass is clear float glass, SGG Planilux is a clear transparent glass produced by Saint-Gobain Glass through the “float” process.

The glass obtained has perfectly flat and parallel surfaces. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, SGG PLANILUX corresponds to multiple uses: internal and external glass for buildings, from the classic and structural facade to urban and internal furnishings.

Saint Gobain Glass SGG PLANILUX glass is the basic glass used for the production of most of the other processed products: reflective glass, mirrors, ornament laminated glass, etched etc. SGG PLANILUX is available in a variety of thicknesses.

Saint Gobain SGG PLANITHERM 4S SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass is ideal for windows in any new or renovated building.

The SGG PLANITHERM 4S characteristics allow the product to be used both in the residential sector (single houses, condominiums) and in the non-residential sector (offices, hotels and restaurants, shopping centres, schools). For applications where safety glass (safety / toughened) is needed II – variant to be heat treated is used. SGG PLANITHERM 4S / 4S II combines perfectly with all types of PVC joinery.

With Saint Gobain SGG PLANITHERM 4S / 4S II glass, time no longer matters. At this time of year, insulating glass with SGG PLANITHERM 4S / 4S II offers high comfort; thermal insulation provides the ideal temperature regardless of changes in the weather.

Thanks to its solar control function, Saint Gobain SGG PLANITHERM 4S / 4S II glass reflects twice as much solar energy as ordinary double glazing, without the need for additional sun protection. An ideal temperature – comfort and freshness are ensured even on the hottest days. Lower air conditioning costs – restricting the amount of solar energy entering the home decreases the need for air conditioning.

With Saint Gobain PLANITHERM 4S / 4S II glass, the transition to the cold season becomes imperceptible. Cost reduction – premature heating costs are eliminated.

Saint Gobain PLANITHERM 4S / 4S II glass glazing provides insulation 3 times higher than that of a normal glazing, the advantages being obvious: Warmth and comfort – heat loss decreases and the uncomfortable cold near the windows is significantly reduced . Significant savings – effective thermal insulation means low energy consumption.

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