The future window – SALAMANDER bluEvolution 82 PVC profiles

The systems of the future directly from the PVC profile factory Salamander! With a construction depth of 82 mm, the bluEvolution range creates a synergy between remarkable energy efficiency and innovative top-level sealing technology, being particularly suitable for passive houses. Heat losses are reduced by using this specially optimized sash and frame construction with a thermally optimized sealing frame, in combination with triple insulating glass. The difference is felt in the wallet because we offer Salamander double glazing at factory prices!

Thermal insulation

With Salamander double glazing you benefit from a high degree of thermal protection. Reduce energy consumption by installing Salamander double glazing.


A high degree of acoustic protection is offered by any type of Salamander double glazing. The ideal solution for homes or offices near noise sources is undoubtedly the use of Salamander windows!

Sun protection

Use Salamander double glazing and you will reduce your electricity costs because the treated glass for solar control reduces the appearance of the greenhouse effect and the need to use air conditioning systems.

Security protection

With Salamander double glazing systems you guarantee tightness and resistance to burglary

Ventilation Microventilation

By positioning the handle in the appropriate position, it is possible to guarantee, in conditions of maximum safety, permanent ventilation of the rooms that benefit from the Salamander insulated windows with swing opening.

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