The Factory

PVC window factory

The PVC window factory is equipped with modern equipment, 8 fully automated production lines, making 1000 windows per day.

In the new window factory all operations are computer assisted. This way, you can be sure that human error is virtually eliminated. Robots do everything with great precision. All factory operations are performed correctly and completely.

To make the highest quality double or triple glazed windows, the technological flow is constantly controlled by the Quality Department.

We invest in the most innovative technologies, being able to eliminate any imperfection in the construction of a window.


The glass factory has a production and delivery capacity rising to over 1,000 units per day. The high performance equipment used during the manufacturing process ensures a continuous and efficient flow of supplies to our customers.

The factory has its own thermal insulation glass manufacturing plant equipped with:

  • two ultra-modern automated double-glazed production lines with Lisec washing, pressing and sealing – Austria;
  • an automatic loading-cutting line
  • glass breakage. The automatic line performs the glass cutting process, with jumbo sheets (6000mmx3210mm) using a computer optimization program, with minimal loss of framing;

La linea funziona come segue: un robot di carico prende la lastra di vetro da una rastrelliera e la sposta automaticamente verso tavolo da taglio; dopo il taglio, sempre automaticamente, la lastra è spostata sul tavolo di rottura. Qua interviene l’operatore umano per azionare le bare di rottura e per prendere i pezzi ottenuti.

  • una linea automatica di ultima generazione per il taglio di vetro laminato (duplex) – Bottero; può processare il vetro da 2 + 2 mm a 8 + 8 mm;

Glass sealing is done automatically with butylextruder and sealing robot.

Film laying factory

The film laying factory inaugurated in the spring of 2010, is equipped with the most modern equipment – WPR – Italy.

The PVC profile film laying factory is technologically at a high level and can coat more than 20,000 ml of PVC profiles per day.

Machine WPR NWA.300.7000 is used for wrapping the extruded PVC profiles which are mounted inside or outside with decorative PVC foil, with hot melt reactive adhesives (PUR) filled with a primer application system.

With the new film laying machines we can offer the possibility to choose the color of your PVC profiles for both interior and exterior with a primer application system.

Advantages of film-coated profiles:

  • you can choose your favorite color from the various film colors;
  • there are various color combinations for exterior and interior, depending on your preferences, the execution time being very short;

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