Sliding doors

Sliding and translating doors and windows

Lift and slide doors

Sliding and translating doors and windows

The translating sliding doors and windows allow the possibility of saving space thanks to the sliding system and offer superior thermal and acoustic insulation.

Sliding doors and windows are produced from the same profile system as PVC windows; the difference is represented by the special hardware system, which makes it easier to move the sash and slide it close to the fixed part of the frame.

With a unique sliding system, the translating sliding door allows smooth operation, easily moving the door inwards. Upon closing, the mobile part moves inwards again, remaining in the closed position perfectly aligned with the fixed part.

This system allows closure with maximum tightness, perfectly safe, through the multiple locking points distributed around the entire perimeter of the door.

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Lift and slide doors

Lift-and-slide doors are the best option for thermal and acoustic insulation of sliding doors.

Lift-and-slide doors offer a high level of thermal insulation allowing very high glazing.

The lift-and-slide doors can be made with large and very large dimensions, thanks to the special sliding system.

They are suitable for both new buildings and old buildings made to make a smooth transition from the living room to the balcony, terrace or garden.

The raised sliding doors are easy to manipulate despite the fairly large weight of the leaf.

Frame depth – threshold 220mm, door depth 86mm. The special reinforcements ensure a high static sizing, reaching dimensions of 5 x 2 m (L x H). The special, highly efficient hardware system supports a frame weight of up to 250 kg. The gasket closure system ensures excellent sealing in the threshold area. The thermal break threshold can be buried.

Features Lift and slide doors:

Thickness of the frame-threshold220 mm
Door thickness 86mm
Door weightmax 250kg
Ufa 1,3 W/m²K

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