To give life and functionality to the window, it has partnered with a large hardware manufacturer, Roto, in order to offer solutions for any application.

Roto NT Design sets standards with this innovation.
With no hinges visible, no lids that could come off, there is nothing to detract from the aesthetics of the window. All parts are integrated into the window frame and frame, which means they are invisible from the outside. Roto has developed this completely new, high-quality hardware in a high-tech, matt silver design. The floating lower bearings fit perfectly into the modular system.

The hidden technology is very aesthetic.
A simple, three-dimensional adjustment of the window frame is possible by means of adjustment screws. Innovative safety elements, such as the T-entry tilting mechanism, the anti-opening device with master key in the corner hinge, guarantee high safety. The maximum opening angle of the window is 100̊ creating a particularly special opening.

Roto NT Designo offers very interesting prospects, especially for construction projects, with premium quality wood and PVC windows.

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